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Spectrum No.6 and No.5

Artwork Titles: Spectrum No.6 (Paintfall) and Spectrum No.5 (Paintfall)

Year of creation: 2010

Medium: Enamel on powder-coated aluminum

Dimension (cm): Diptych, each measuring 74 x 75

Starting bid from $5,800 a set.

Artist: Jeremy Sharma

Artist Writeup:
Jeremy Sharma (b. 1977, Singapore) is primarily a conceptual painter who explores the boundaries of painting as image, surface, material, object, construction, design and environment. In his decades-long practice, Sharma has pushed the boundaries of traditional painting by adopting industrial materials such as polystyrene foam, oils, enamel and beeswax, to challenge the very limitations of the pictorial surface in order to explore its three-dimensional potentials. He interested in a painting’s materiality, atmosphere, gesture, texture, repetition and colour, and how paint on a surface creates tactility, illusion, depth and responds to light and space. These paintings are the early examples from Sharma’s Spectrum series, which began in painting and later expanded to include shifting light, iridescent colours, video and digital imagery. Though the paintings work as a series, each individual work has a uniqueness and integrity. For the viewer, it is about sustaining the act of looking to the act of making by observing details and nuances in the artwork. Sharma has had a number of solo exhibitions and participated internationally in numerous group exhibitions in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Italy, the UK and the United States. His work has been the subject of critical discussion in various publications and is part of a number of public and private collections. He also teaches with the Faculty of Fine Arts at the LASALLE College of the Arts.


All proceeds raised from the auction of this item will be donated to Art Outreach in support of art advocacy and outreach. Thank you for your support.

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