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Triptych by Emilie Saint-Pé

Artwork Titles:

1) Mettre du beurre dans les épinards (To put butter on the spinach)

2) Avoir un coeur d’or (To have a heart of gold)

3) Sortir la tête de l’eau (To get one’s head above water)

Year of creation: 2010

Medium: Typographic print

Dimension (cm): Triptych, each measuring 40 x 40

Artist: Emilie Saint-Pé

Artist Writeup:
Trained at the School of Visual Communications in Bordeaux, French graphic designer Emilie Saint-Pe settled down in Macau in 2005, where she began to use graphic tricks as a mnemonic method to remember Chinese characters as she was learning the language. Building a bridge between the cultures of her native country and her new home through juxtaposition, this graphic series of works playfully employs Chinese characters to convey the meaning of common French expressions and idioms. Saint-Pe's works were first exhibited in Hong Kong in 2008 and 2011, and later toured around China to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Canton, Dalan and Beijing. They were also published in a book titled Comme chien et chat.


All proceeds raised from the auction of this item will be donated to Art Outreach in support of art advocacy and outreach. Thank you for your support.

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