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SuperFluffy Custom Pet Portrait Painting

A custom pet portrait commission painting services in Esther's signature SuperFluffy style using watercolours and pencils, with a knack for capturing the unique essence of each individual pet. Each artwork is in A4 size and it is finished with a coating of UV-resistant fixative.

Materials used: Professional-grade Schmincke Horadam watercolours, Professional-grade Arches 100% Cotton Hot-pressed Acid-free paper.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks *Prices quoted are for 1 animal portrait. For more complex projects (>1 animal, background etc), additional fees apply.


About the Artist

Esther began her journey into painting animals since 2020, during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. During the free time she had during that period, she picked up her skills from online classes and explored different mediums and techniques, eventually settling on watercolour as her main medium. Having fond memories of nostalgic children books, she loves the dreamy, vintage aesthetic that is distinctive of the watercolour medium. Besides watercolours, she also adds details in pencils and pastels to give the artwork more texture and fluffiness, for her Superfluffy pet portrait paintings.

She was inspired to onboard HeartBid as an artist vendor when she heard about the purpose behind HeartBid - to transform the charity scene and to make the industry a sustainable one for both artists and stakeholders involved. She believes that artists should be fairly compensated; and in turn, promote a healthy arts culture that encourages more artists to refine their skills and contribute to the arts scene in Singapore.

She is honoured to be able to offer her services as a vendor with HeartBid as it allows her to share her love for painting animals, using her skills to create unique works of art for the beloved pets of the HeartBid community.

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