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Butterfly Dome Workshop (1pax)

In this 1.5hr workshop, you will learn about butterflies and get an exciting guided hands-on experience at making your own personalized dome with up to 3 butterflies.

Materials Provided:

  • Up to 3 Butterflies (you may choose your own butterflies)
  • 1 x Medium Sized Dome or Frame
  • A selection of preserved flowers and wood for decor
  • All other essential materials (glue gun, pins, etc)
  • Medium Dome - 10cm (Diameter) x 13cm (Height)

What you get

  • You will take home your own hand-made butterfly dome/frame
  • You will learn about local butterfly species and their natural habitat



Currently serving as Director at Black Crow Taxidermy & Art, Vivian Tham creates beautiful artwork from nature that she use to educate individuals. Vivian performs taxidermy and restoration for clients. Vivian hopes that through my work, more people are educated about the beauty of nature around them and in turn protect them.


Vivian has over 7 years of experience in taxidermy related activities from working and volunteering at various organizations. She is an avid animal lover and have worked closely with the World Wildlife Foundation and the research and protection of endangered species.

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