1. What is HeartBid?
HeartBid is a fundraising consultancy and technology company with the goal of helping non-profits maximise their charitable returns across both online and in-person fundraising activities.

2. Why HeartBid?
Our primary mission is to aid organisations in maximising their fundraising potential for philanthropic causes. HeartBid’s fundraising platform focuses on providing a smooth and seamless bidding experience to help charities increase fundraising revenues and drive donor engagement, all while reducing fundraising inefficiencies and ensuring transparency throughout the fundraising process.

We envision to be a leading strategic fundraising platform offering solutions to support charities and non-profit organisations within South East Asia.

3. What regions do HeartBid operate in?
HeartBid currently operates in Singapore, with plans to expand into the Southeast Asia region in the future.

4. Can I arrange a demo with a HeartBid consultant?
We would be delighted to arrange a free consultation – either over Google Meets or in-person –where we can demonstrate our auction platform as well as provide some top-line advice and guidance based on your aims and objectives.

5. Does every guest need to register to participate in an auction powered by HeartBid?
All guests are required to register to participate in the auction. Personal details are safe and secure in accordance with Singapore’s PDPA guidelines.

6. What fees are charged by HeartBid.sg?
Successful bidders do not pay any fees. Charities pay a percentage of the proceeds, which will cover bank charges, defray maintenance costs, and help us improve the site features and enhance HeartBid’s user experience.

7. Are my transactions on HeartBid safe and secure?
All transactions are safe and secure on HeartBid. We have created a highly secure platform for our community. Your personal details, including credit card details, are kept safe with our site being secured with HTTPS and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

8. Is every successful auction paid directly to the Charity/Fundraiser?
Yes, all successful bidders will be contacted and given a secured payment link, where payment is made directly to the bank account of the Charity/Fundraiser.

9. How do I know if my payment is successful?
After you have made your payment, you will receive an email notification of its status. In case of any errors, please check if the below applies and do try again.

Availability of Funds: For credit/debit card transactions, please ensure that your credit/debit card transaction is within any applicable card limit.

10. Can I cancel my bid if I have won an auction bid?
Once the auction is closed, we highly encourage all bidders to honour their bids made towards the fundraising auction.

11. Can I cancel my payment?
All payments made through HeartBid.sg are not refundable. Payments made to a charity will be for that charity only, and there shall be no substitute of payments between charities.

FAQ version 1.0. Updated 22 June 2022.