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Ocean Depth by Alvin Tan

"The intimate dialogue between artisan and medium—a communion of hands, mind, and spirit. Within this symbiotic relationship, the act of shaping clay transcends mere craftsmanship, evolving into a harmonious synthesis of creative expression." — Alvin Tan (Co-Founder and Lead-Instructor, 7879 Gallery & Clayworks)

Artist name: Alvin Tan

Medium: High fired ceramics

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 148 x 100 (cm)

Framed: No

This item is kindly contributed by 7879 Gallery & Clayworks, where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to NKF's general fund to provide subsidised treatment and holistic care for kidney failure patients in need.


Artist profile:

From its charming Singapore base at Little India Conservation Heritage area, 7879 Gallery & Clayworks hopes to support emerging Asian artists and share their visionary works with audiences in Singapore for the purpose of creating more dialogues between art and region. Beyond this mission, 7879 also wishes to enrich Singapore’s eyes toward broader local diversities in South East Asia.

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