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Immersive Nature and Photography Walk for 12 pax

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Immersive Nature and Photography Walk for 12 pax

Immersive Nature and Photography Expedition: A Guided Walk with Richard Koh

Experience the allure of nature through the lens of photography as you embark on a captivating Enchanting Nature and Photography Walk with the renowned Richard Koh. This 2-hour adventure will lead you through the captivating landscapes of Gardens by the Bay's Bay South Garden, the largest of the three gardens. Marvel at an array of plants, flowers, and avian wonders, including the iconic Super-Trees, the serene Dragonfly Lake, and the picturesque Kingfisher Lake. Learn the art of capturing the beauty around you using your mobile phone, all while creating lasting memories of this captivating experience.

Walk Highlights:

1. Captivating Landscapes: Traverse the stunning Bay South Garden at Gardens by the Bay, a haven brimming with lush plants, vibrant flowers, and an abundance of avian life. Immerse yourself in the serene ambience of Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake, two tranquil oases nestled within this urban oasis.

2. Photography Essentials: Under Richard Koh's expert guidance, learn the art of capturing captivating photos with your mobile phone. Discover tips and techniques that will elevate your photography skills, allowing you to preserve the beauty of nature through your lens.

3. Meeting Point: Gather at the picturesque Satay by the Bay Bridge, conveniently located near the water cascades. Begin your exploration with fellow nature and photography enthusiasts, all eager to experience the magic of Gardens by the Bay.

4. Duration of Discovery: Dedicate two hours to this enriching experience, immersing yourself in the wonders of nature and the art of photography.

5. Group Exploration: Join a group of up to twelve participants, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for nature and photography.

Secure your spot in this captivating walk that merges the wonders of nature with the art of photography. Whether you're a nature lover, photography enthusiast, or someone seeking to blend creativity with exploration, this walk promises an inspiring and enlightening journey.

Included in the Walk:
- Guided walk with Richard Koh
- Photography tips and techniques for mobile phones
- Exploration of Bay South Garden and its captivating sights
- Immersion in nature and the art of photography

What to Bring:
- Your mobile phone for capturing memories

Meeting Point: Satay by the Bay Bridge near the water cascades.
Number of Participants: 12 pax
Duration: 2 hours

This nature walk is priced at around 30% less than the usual rate.



Meet your guide, Richard Koh—a licensed Tourist and Nature Guide by the Singapore Tourism Board. Rooted in his passion for nature and wildlife photography, Richard's journey began in a rural area known as a Kampong in the North Eastern part of Singapore. Raised amidst the "way of nature," he cultivated practical knowledge of living off the land and sea. Richard's deep connection to nature translates into his healthy, adventurous lifestyle, and he takes joy in sharing his experiences and meeting people.

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