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Artistic Discovery @ CBD Walking Tour for 10 pax

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Artistic Discovery @ CBD Walking Tour for 10 pax

Artistic Discovery: Unveiling the CBD's Art and Heritage

Step into a world where art and heritage intertwine, as you embark on an enchanting Art and Heritage Walking Tour through the vibrant streets surrounding Singapore's Central Business District (CBD). Let the stories behind each captivating artwork ignite your imagination, while delving into the rich heritage that has shaped this bustling area. This 2.5-hour expedition commences at the OUE Downtown Gallery and concludes in a charming Kampong Bahru café, where you'll indulge in a cuppa and awaken your inner barista with an unforgettable Latte art experience.

Tour Highlights:

1. Artistic Awakening: Immerse yourself in the stunning array of artworks adorning the streets around the CBD. Let the captivating tales behind each masterpiece spark your creativity and provide insight into the artists' vision.

2. Heritage Unveiled: As you stroll through the dynamic streets of the CBD, discover the layers of history that have contributed to the area's unique character. Gain a deeper understanding of the heritage that continues to shape this bustling heart of Singapore.

3. Café Soiree: The tour culminates in a delightful café at Kampong Bahru, where you'll savor a well-deserved cup of your favorite brew. But the experience doesn't end there—tap into your artistic side with a hands-on Latte art session, creating a beautiful masterpiece atop your latte.

4. Duration of Exploration: Dedicate 2.5 hours to this captivating journey that seamlessly blends art, heritage, and a touch of artistic expression.

5. Intimate Group Setting: Gather your friends for a personalized and engaging tour that fosters connections, conversation, and a shared passion for art and heritage.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of participants: 10 pax

This art trail is priced at over 40% less than the regular rate.



Meet your vivacious guide, Tricia, a true aficionado of all things Singaporean. Renowned among her friends for her boundless energy and playful personality, Tricia's passion lies in sharing the captivating stories of her beloved island home. She boasts a deep appreciation for culture, heritage, and the art that graces the city's streets, often leading to her favorite café for a cuppa. Her sunny disposition is a magnet for making everyone feel right at home.


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