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[CP] Leather Crafting Workshop - Weaver Leather Pouch (1pax)

Weaver Leather Pouch, 2 hours workshop.

Sublime, stitchless design functions as a compact wallet. Holds cards, coins, and bills.


All options include personalisation of completed items with hotstamping of name or initials in blind debossing or with coloured foils. Hotstamping is done with our antique Kingsley Machines from the 1930’s.


About Kult Bespoke

Kult Bespoke is a creator of exquisite leather goods and artisan experiences. Starting as an independent Singaporean label dedicated to creating unique commissions for luxury leather goods, Kult Bespoke gradually grew to provide interactive artisan showcases for events, creative workshops for corporate and private clients, and unique interior fittings and finishes for residential and commercial spaces.


Lawrence Ku, Founder of Kult Bespoke, first started Kultskins Handcrafted, established in 2013 as an independent label based in Singapore. His vision of material longevity for beautiful leather goods is driven by an obsessive passion to immortalise craftsmanship. Kultskins eventually evolved into Kult Bespoke in 2019, to reflect the premium service of personalisation and customisation. Marrying traditional and contemporary leather crafting techniques, Kult Bespoke embodies the pursuit of timeless design with equal measures of form and function. This path eventually paved the way to starting an atelier so that he might impart the skills that he had honed over the years, to a new generation of makers.


Both a throwback and tribute to artisanship, Lawrence's intricate process of one stitch at a time defies mass manufacturing and fast fashion - if only to deliver his promise of beautiful leather goods that will outlast you.


On that note, Kult Bespoke offers a conditional lifetime warranty on the stitching of all products that leave the studio. Just because we swear by and stand by quality craftsmanship.

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