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[Demo] Introduction to Linocut Workshop for 1pax

Linocut is a relief printmaking technique similar to woodcut. An image is created by carving into a sheet of linoleum with appropriate linocut tools. The surface of the carved plate is then inked with a brayer and impressed onto paper by hand burnishing or with an etching press. Famed artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse used this process in their own practice.


In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basics of linocut carving and printing techniques. You'll learn how to identify what makes an ideal image for a linocut artwork. You will begin by tracing the selected pattern or design and transferring them onto the lino surface. Then, using various linocut blades, you will carve the lino block to create a positive image. Finally, you will ink the image using a brayer (or roller) with block printing ink and print the image onto paper or fabric surface.


This workshop is open for all levels and ages 14 years and above. To provide individual attention, we can only accept 4 participants in a session. All materials required for this workshop will be provided and are included in the workshop fees.


Linocut workshop outcomes:

  • 1 print on paper (with at most 2 test prints)
  • 1 totebag with print
  • 1 carved lino plate


About the Instructor:

Wan Ling (@wl.artcraft) is an art practitioner/freelance graphic designer, who primarily experiments on the printmaking technique called linocut. She is in recent times studying the effects of arts integration in the early childhood and dabbling with the idea of slow artmaking where processes matter more than outcomes.

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