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CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is raising funds to resurface our running track and construct two sheltered basketball courts for our Primary and Secondary students. These improvement works will provide a safer and more conducive environment for our students to learn and play. 

Our goal is to raise $500,000 to offset the cost of these infrastructure projects and all proceeds from the sale will be for the above purposes and/or any other educational purpose(s) approved by MOE. We are very grateful for your generous support.

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Auction will commence from

1 June to 30 June 2024


Terms & Conditions

By submitting a bid, the bidder agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. By placing a bid for an Auction lot, you are entering into a binding agreement to acquire the Auction lot at the bidding price. After making a bid, you will receive an email to confirm your bid which is considered a final submission and may not be modified, edited or withdrawn.

2. The highest bid will be deemed to be the winner.

3. In the event that equal highest bids are submitted by more than one bidder, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School is, at its sole discretion, entitled to decide how best to resolve the tie and select the successful bidder.

4. If incorrect contact details are entered by you and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School is unable to contact you, your bid will be disqualified. We understand that errors may occur in the bidding process. If that should happen, please contact the auction administrator, HeartBid, immediately if you wish to withdraw your bid. In such a case, HeartBid has absolute discretion whether or not to agree to your withdrawal.

5. All winning bidders must effect payment within fourteen (14) days of being notified that they have won the bid. If the winning bid is not paid by then, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School reserves the right to award the Auction lot to another party.

6. The value of an Auction lot is its fair market value as decided by CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School. Such value is final and binding.

7. The amount of the winning bid, after deducting the fair market value of the Auction lot, will be deemed to be a donation to CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School.

8. All Auction lots are offered with a “reserve,” a price below which the lot will not be sold. Any bid submitted below the reserve price will not result in the purchase of a lot. Reserves may be decreased or removed at any time.

9. All Auction lots are provided “as is”. There will be no exchanges or refunds. CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School has used its best efforts to describe and represent all Auction lots as accurately as possible. However, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School is not responsible or liable for any discrepancy in the descriptions, genuineness, value or condition, nor for any risks or hazards related to the Auction lots.

10. All Auction lots have been kindly donated. As such any respective terms and conditions stipulated by the Auction lot provider or supplier will apply.

15. All personal data collected, including NRIC/FIN numbers, is for the purposes of issuing tax deduction receipts on donations to CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School and fulfilling the bid and donation terms and conditions.

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